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Self-care is the new black!

Last October I held a retreat for teenagers between 13-17yrs old. During the course of the retreat we engaged in many different empowering and self-care workshops.

One particular workshop that I have been reflecting on lately, was where I asked the group to think about the top five most important things in their life. Once they had listed them, I asked them to rate them, out of 100%, whilst thinking about how much time they give to each item.

As they did this, I figured I better do it too, so they could see how the scale worked. As I wrote down my top five- family, friends, work, business and myself, I was shocked to see how very little I gave to myself. I turned my page around and shared with the group each percentage I had given my top five. Right at the very bottom was 'me' at only 5%. I couldn't believe that here I was mentoring youth to put themselves first, when I wasn't even doing it myself.

That moment was so life changing for me. Rather than feeling guilty or bad, for my oversight, I made sure that I would work hard to ensure that from then on in, I would make time for myself.

As a mum we are constantly juggling many different balls across the day and I know that when the children were young, it was so much harder to have a moment alone. I know many families that couldn't even fathom how on earth they could get a minute to themselves, but I urge you to find it. Make it a priority! It may be a quiet cup of tea when the children have a gone to bed, it might be a yoga session in the morning, before they wake up. It may even been a nice night out with the girls or reading your favourite novel. Even if it's just for a moment, do it.

'Self-care is not selfish it is a necessity and you bloody well deserve it.'

It's been about 4 months since the workshop and I'm pleased to say that 'me' is moving up the scale of the top five things that is important to me. It's not quite at the top, but I'm working everyday to ensure that I make time for myself and do things that make me happy. As I write this I currently have refreshing mask on, to rejuvenate my skin for the week and I'm just about to sit down and watch tv. Something so little, but I'm caring for myself.

I'm back at work now and I thought it was going to be super hard to keep this 'me' thing going, but it hasn't been. I have managed to do my yoga every morning, journal, do a couple of workouts and I even watched a rom com, in the afternoon in the middle of the week. I'm feeling less guilty everyday and I hope that you can join me on this new adventure of self discovery. You won't regret it!

Have a wonderful week.



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