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Mum's don't really know EVERYTHING!

Life of a blogger does not come easy. In fact, we don't just sit around all day thinking of amazing stories and then have hours and hours to write them up.

No...We work, we live crazy lives and go about our day to day business, just like everyone else does. Then, when we least expect it, BAM! An idea hits us like a ton of bricks.

When that happens, it's like an explosion of thoughts and energy. You literally have to get to the nearest computer, so you can to let it all out.

Most of my blogs are about life experiences, some of my own, but most are of my family. My Empower Me blog, is one that I wish to promote the importance of acknowledging and building on children's confidence and self-esteem and how we as parents play such a vital role.

Which brings me to tonight's AMAZING, FIST PUMPING, PROUD MUMMA moment, between my two boys.

Master 11, needed some help with his homework and of all the subjects in the world, it just had to be MATHS! (Math's was like my all time worst subject in high school and it didn't matter how much study I put into this little brain, I just never got it).

So, I did like all mumma's should do (if you have an amazing, smart, sensitive and intelligent teenager lying around), admit defeat and find someone else to help out.

So with Master 11 beside me, we casually strolled into my teenagers room...

"Son, we need some help with your brothers homework, it's math's and well I'm not really the best at it and I know that you are... so could you please help us out?"

(Meanwhile, he's doing the eye rolling, I'm on my phone kind of look.)

But wait, there's a response...

"Sure" he kindly agrees.

So Master 11 and I perch up on his bed, paper and pen ready to go!

As I listened to my son, I'm amazed and in awe of this sudden confidence, enthusiasm and diligence. As he worked through each question, he showed such patience kindness and empathy (especially to me). Breaking it down, as best he could so that his brother and I could understand. Every now and then he would stop to ensure we got it, before we moved on to another step (I'm still not sure if I got it, but that's OK). 

Once we had finished, I could tell that Master 16 was so chuffed with himself and proud of his little brother for understanding how to work it out.

(As a mum, to sit back and watch them engage with each other so effortlessly, was a moment that is etched in my mind forever).

I'm so proud of Master 16, for taking the time out from his own world, to help out his family and Master 11 for allowing his brother to let him teach him something without a fuss (this was so natural when they were younger, but not so much now. I miss seeing them interact this way and learn from each other).

I'm also proud of myself as a mum, for showing them that actually 'mum's don't really know everything.' I would rather be a mum that can proudly say 'I DON"T KNOW' let's figure it out together.

Then a mum that just gives her children all the answers, and never gives them a chance to figure it out for themselves.

I want to be a mum that empowers her children and build's their confidence. I want to highlight their strengths and let them shine!

But most of all,  I want them to be able to look at me with respect and know that, it's OK to not always have an answer. That life, is so much more interesting when you have to work things out together and if that means, spending more time with your big brother and mum to figure out MATHS questions, then that's just a blessing in disguise.

Till next time,


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