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Building a positive body image and self-esteem in young children!

In 2015, I self published a book called Empower Me.

The book entails a brief story of how I overcome my battle with anorexia, my journey as a wife and mother and how my perceptions of societies expectations as a mother, have changed over the years.

The book features 10 amazing, unique girls between the ages of 11 months to 12 years! Photos of the girls were taken in locations of their choice, to reflect on their different characteristics and personalities! The photos weren't photo shopped or edited and are represented as a true reflection of themselves.

There are many more photos in the 'Empower Me collection' along with strategies that families can use to empower their growing daughters.

As I look forward now 2 years ahead, I'm excited to share that I'm still inspired, passionate and enthusiastic, by this important topic and continue to promote and share the importance of building a 'Positive Body Image' in young children.

Even though my book was about 'girls' I wanna stress the importance of using similar strategies for boys.

It's important as parents to build on a positive body-image and self-esteem in all children and this starts with looking at ourselves and what we believe to be important!

We want our children to grow up in an environment where they are encouraged to be the best version of themselves!

We want to build our children up, not bring them down.

We want to encourage and promote independence, confidence and build on their resilience, for what life may have in store for them.

As I begin my workshops on 'Fostering Body-Image and Self-Esteem in young children,' I'm excited to not only share my own personal journey, of body hating to body loving! I want to share with you, how I changed my outlook on raising my children. Along with strategies that parents can use in everyday life.

I'm keen to hear about other parents journeys and ideas of why they think this is an important topic to promote.

Keep inspiring and empowering each other!

Till next time,



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